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In Switzerland for work, any suggestions on keeping things moving?

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I'm on wk 5 run 1 and living the programme but I'm travelling to Davos this week for work and there will be snow on the ground everywhere and I only have access to a gym for 2 of the 7 nights I'm there. Any ideas on keeping things moving in other ways? Sounds daft but running on the spot or other? My room is quite spacious with wooden floors. For the two nights I have access to a gym, if I complete my runs on the tread mill do they count? Ta!

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Of course runs on treadmills count!! Every run counts! 😁 Just an idea, you might be able to access a gym on a PayAsYouGo....... 😯 or even a free pass elsewhere. You never know!! Best wishes. Enjoy!! ❤️

Ahh great. So can get 2 runs in and then maybe some fast snow walking :) thanks

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You can run on packed dry snow like sort they have in the mountains, it's not slippery provided it's well into minus territory. I live in Finland so I'm an expert ;-)

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Harrogategal in reply to Lordi

I'd like to try. I used to live in Denmark but never ran in snow. Just enjoyed their nice flat land for running... now I live in Yorkshire, lots of hills!

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