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RedJanuary consolidation month

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Hi all

I’m still here, just not posted yet this year.

My New Year’s Day started with a smaller hangover than usual, I try to avoid them these days but it’s a special occasion. But it also started with a 10am Parkrun in Lytham Hall (33:28)

I’ve signed up to RedJanuary this year along with a mate, he did the Parkrun with me too

That evening I had a 6k Walk along my regular run route as it was a nice evening.

2nd I smashed my 10,000 step goal with a walk in my treadmill

3rd 5k time again (32:27) on the way to a Clubbercise class, along with 3.5k of walks in the day 20,000 steps

4th step goal day again

5th 5k (31:30) and 15,000 steps

So, so far so good :)

Really enjoying this!

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Wow that is an amazing start to the month! Especially the smaller hangover! haha! I also took care with the New Year's eve drinking as going for a run on New Years Day to celebrate being a runner seemed far more important! Totally enjoyed it! Really uplifting! Enjoy!

I’m doing it too and loving it, I never thought I would get as much out of it as I have so far for this year, it has given me a strong positive start to the year, just what I needed, Well done and good luck for the rest of RED January.

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I’ve been active daily but not filling my chart in... I’d best do that.

Great start to the year there Lozzles.

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Lozzles74Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I’m using an app called mematic to fill mine in on my phone :)

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Lozzles74

Thanks... I’ll grab that.

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