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Bleep test and c25k

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Hi guys! I’m a total newbie and did my first run yesterday which I’m really proud of. I’m really overweight for my height (about 8 stone if we’re going by BMI criteria’s) but I did use to be really fit about 7 years ago as I was a dancer. I’ve never really tried running as I thought I’d hate it by having rejoined slimming world and applied for the police I have to pass a bleep test to get in and it’s the only thing standing between me and my dream job. I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to exercise everyday in January so I’m alternating between c25k, walking and gym sessions.

Has anyone done a bleep test before or has anyone used c25k to improve for one? I’ve got 2 more attempts left to pass my bleep test and the next ones on 16th Jan 2019. I only have to get to 5.4 but at the moment I’m struggling to get to 3 without feeling like I’m going to die! So wish me luck, I definitely need it!

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Hello, well you've got all the motivation you need to get into your job so good luck

Thank you 😊

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Your fitness and strength will rise rapidly... when you get to the longer runs this will accelerate. Good luck on the 16th... if you don’t get it then you will be a lot better for the next attempt.

Thank you, I’m working really hard to make as much progress as I can by then but a miracle may happen and I could scrape my way through it 😂 but yeah I should definitely be able to do it by the third attempt (or at least I hope!)

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to KatnissEverdeen

The plan will get you there... not sure what 5.4 equates to in terms of running, as it’s a combination of distance and time, but C25K will give you the endurance to do it.

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You will have no bother with the bleep test it's 5.4 for England and Wales which is 3 and a half minutes of running. By doing the programme it will help your endurance just be mindful that the bleep test is running to a point and stopping then running again so slightly different. That said you can time it right so that you cross the line with minimal stopping and starting just start slowly with it you'll quickly recognise the speed you need.

Thanks for your advice. I’ve done one attempt and I’m practicing it in between everything else a few times a week while I’m in the gym (I’ve got a tape measure so I’m definitely doing 15m distance). Somethings definitely improving anyway as I’ve tried to do the first run of c25k before but I had to keep stopping and towards the last runs I couldn’t do the full 60 seconds but I did them all yesterday so I was really pleased with myself 😂 having a goal definitely helps I think!

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

This training plan is about building stamina and endurance, rather than pace. While it will build cardio fitness, it is not designed to create sprinters, although that will come in time.

Without building your basics first you do run an increased risk injury by trying to push for speed too early. It all depends to a great degree on how much general fitness you bring to the programme.

Take care and enjoy your journey.

Hi, I am in the same position - I have to pass a Police bleep test and am trying to use c25k to get there! Just finished week one without too many problems. How did you get on in your test?

It went terrible!😩 they had me run the test on my own and it was just a bit too much for me at the time I think. I’m reapplying at the end of the year but I’ve not been training since as I’ve had a knee injury that’s not fully healed! Good luck and keep going :) a friend of mine trained daily for 6 weeks and smashed her second attempt at it so you’ll get there x

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that, everything’s done for a reason remember, so it obviously wasn’t the right time for you. Was your friend doing the c25k? 😬

Yes I suppose that’s true! And no I don’t think so she just practiced the bleep test every chance she got. I work with a lot of police officers in my current role and everyone I know says the best training you can do is to practice it as much as possible :)

How did you get on with your second run?

Do the force give out a copy to practice do you know?

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MrsSH in reply to Litten654

Hi, you can run the test on you tube, I use it to practise with. I am using this programme to try and get to pass the bleep test. Failed my first attempt at 3.4 and have my second go next week. Am on week 3 of the C25K, so hoping this has helped. Wish I had thought of it sooner as I could have been nearly at the end of the programme by now! How did you get on with yours?

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