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W6R1 Treadmill Deck Broke

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So we bought a NordicTrack T9.2 off eBay a few years ago for a bargain £390 and its had good use (by our son and my first attempt at CT5K in 2016) but, sadly, on Sunday the deck cracked (I'll take the credit for that!), I did make it to the end of the run though! I've managed to remove it so now I'm looking for a reasonably priced replacement. Anyone got any recommendations?

Next stop W6R2 this morning.... I think I ran the same week outside in my first attempt at CT5K in 2016 but I don't remember it being this tough. I really didn't mind the cold and the rain but my legs were struggling a minute into the first 10min run. Sorry Laura you didn't help today telling me "that's 5mins done" :-) Anyway, I lost count how many times I thought "I need to stop", slowed down and pushed through... My question is, is it the result of switching from a treadmill to roads\pavements? I would think it is different but is it really that different for the legs to make me feel like it was W1 again?

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I see quite a few treadmills on facebook marketplace, often pretty cheap, people just want rid it seems. Might be cheaper than a new deck and you can search locally to where you live ( I got a pretty good ex bike for £25 from about 8 miles away).

I don't like the time checks, would rather just run to music. And maybe slow down outside till you get more accustomed to it.

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Good idea... I had a look but a good new deck is about £125 but it seems used treadmills that would match the standard of the one we have are quite a bit more unfortunately, plus the transportation on top (most decent ones need a van to move them).

The deck boards are basically strengthen MDF with a coating so I've considered making one but apparently if the belt\board surface isn't quite right it can stress the motor.

I think this post would be better in an Engineering Forum and not CT5K though :-)

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I've not run on a treadmill but would assume that you may be going faster outside. Try listening to music with the same beats per min as you ran on the treadmill to keep you at the same pace. Did you have it on an incline? I've read it needs to be on a slight incline to equal the effort needed for running outside.

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