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Heart Rate

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Don’t know if anyone has the same issues. I’m on week 8 at the moment and finding it surprisingly okay. I just got a fitness tracker and now keep on getting constant warnings during the run that my heart rate is too high and to adjust breathing. Really couldn’t do anything to help at all. So I just looked at the results and for my 28 minute run including the warm up walks my average bpm was 148. As a 57 year old male my bpm should be 138 at 85%. Obviously at my age need to take these sort of things seriously, anyone got any advice?

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Ive just got a cheap Silva digital watch. You have to press the buttons to get a reading. My normal is 50-70. Did a check this a.m. about 5 mins after a 5k run and showed 90. I'll have to do a check during the next run. If you have not so far see your doctor for a BP check if you are concerned.

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Did 5k this morn 35+ mins and stopped to do a midway check. 132. Checked again 5 mins after finish 98. Then down to 89 after 30 mins after drinks and stretches.

Just to add I'm on a tablet for HBP and over 75; just started running this year.

you can often manually adjust your max heart rate in the app, which then gives better readings when you are running. I know my max is way above the max calculated by my age so I tend to just ignore the training zones it tells me about - I can be in peak, at 180, and still carry on a conversation 😊

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That max heart rate is an estimate... you’d feel nausea before any real problem I think.

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There is the possibility that your tracker is picking up your cadence not your heart rate. I'd judge your activity rate by whether you could hold a conversation without panting as that indicates you're working at the right level. Of course, if you're concerned visit your GP and for us over-50s it's always worth having our BP checked.

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I am 55 . My bpm averages at 150 for 30 mins. Can still have a snatched conversation at that pace. Unless you are seriously worried I think you are fine but then again I am not a doctor.

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Is it a fitbit? with optical wrist type HRM? optical heart rate monitors are notorious for false reading's, the chest strap type are more accurate, hopefully you have a checkup every year and you feel ok when running, then I wouldn't worry too much, put the HRM in the drawer and carry on, you're doing great!😊

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PeteB1961Graduate in reply to davelinks

I think you’re probably right, as long as I’m feeling ok running maybe shouldn’t take too much notice.

When I was sixty, I could run for over an hour with my heart rate in the mid 150s.............I felt fine and after doing a lot of independent research, found that the formulae used for calculating max HR to age are pretty crude and that there is a wide natural variation in max HR at any age.

Until you establish what your true, as opposed to estimated max HR is, the zones on your fitness device are pretty meaningless.

If you feel fine exercising in those zones, then you are probably quite safe........said the man with no medical training.

If you are concerned, have a word with your GP.

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PeteB1961Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for your reply. I do feel fine when I run, but I think my breathing technique is probably wrong which is affecting my heart rate. Also I tend to lean forward a bit as I don’t have great posture so I think I’m going to try to make an effort to straighten up and I think that will help as well.

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to PeteB1961

This is a good basic guide to posture nyrr.org/youth-and-schools/...

Good posture aids efficiency.

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davelinksGraduate in reply to PeteB1961

Don't worry too much about breathing technique, it gets better as you go on and get fitter, probably without you even noticing, and one day you'll find it's better, another thing to watch is your pace, slow is best if you pant a lot..

I haven't got great posture either, I just try to remember to get the shoulders back and chest out and lean only slightly forward at the waist without too much tension in doing that or could get some aches or headache. Try to stay with what's natural for you without too much change.. stay loose..

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And this is exactly why I refuse to buy a fitness tracker. Anything that monitors my heart would send my health anxiety into overdrive!

Having said that, it's probably a false reading or maybe it's not been set up properly?

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I'm 51 and on week 7, my average HR is mid 150s and high 170s at the end of a 25 minute run which is much higher than when I'm out on my bike. I had a chat with the nurse during a routine health check a couple of weeks ago and she said that my resting heart rate was good so as long as I felt OK and my heart rate came down pretty quickly after the run (it does) I shouldn't worry about the high average and max. She did add that it's not likely to come down during the C25K programme as I'm pushing myself a bit more each week but she'd expect it to drop once I'm regularly running 5k rather than constantly trying to go further/faster.

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PeteB1961Graduate in reply to Gonnatri

That’s what I was thinking, that it was probably about fitness and getting to that level then HR might be lower as the runs get easier.

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