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Officially a runner!!


My ageing eyes told me that I would be running 23 mins but no Jo told me it was 25...too late to back out, I’d started!

So completed W6R3.

I’m on the treadmill; just wish I could take my mind elsewhere other than the clock. I listen to the radio (chat in-between music helps) but my garden is not a good view. I try and take my mind to think of something else but just can’t! So - yes a sense of achievement but still can’t say I’m enjoying it properly. Good news is nothing hurts and not out of breath 😁

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Good run runner! It will come, you’re fitter as evident with the lack of pains and better breathing, soon you’ll be running further and the mind will wander if you keep the pace down and send it off somewhere... I meditate a lot and do this sitting still... just got back from a run where I did it running... I could have been anywhere! Week 7 consolidates your progress and gives you the opportunity to relax more, enjoy it.

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