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Hi all, as I posted a couple of days ago I went out on my w1 run 1 and completed it.

Took my rest day yesterday and planned to go out tonight for my 2nd run, however I have come across the fact that both of my knees are tender when poking them (on the insides of the knees) Have I done any damage to them? I have decided to abort the run today as a precaution, but slightly disappointed that I have reached a set back so quickly! :(

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Well done on run one.

Some aches and pains are perfectly normal in the early stages of running. I think that if you have to poke them to feel it then it’s in the normal category! This is covered in the guide to the programme, which is linked in the pinned posts on here.

HucknallRunnerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I will check out the pinned resources, many thanks for the advice :)


I’m a Hucknall runner too.😊

It took me three weeks for my joints and the various connecting bits to settle down.

I just rest until the pain or soreness abates.

Obviously if you have more serious problems seek advice

HucknallRunnerGraduate in reply to l3grj

Hello, nice to see a fellow runner from around here! :) - Yes I think I may have pushed it a bit too much by being overenthusiastic in the first run, I think I will wait till Monday and take it slow, and just stop if I feel any pain during the run. Thanks for the advice :)

I had exactly the fact I felt awful after the first run.

I think its normal to feel aches and pains and even a bit rough - it's a shock to your body.

I am not on week 3 run 1 - I would say persevere.

However make sure you have good trainers and stretch afterwards

Good Luck 😊

HucknallRunnerGraduate in reply to Karenlwarner73

Hi, Thanks for the advice, I think you are right, I will rest a bit more and try again next week!

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