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Any other metal heads? Would like help with my running playlist!


I’ve been very slowly working my way through , I have been finding it quite difficult and am really reliant on music to get me through! I’m finding industrial metal really helps, but it’s not my normal genre (I like it and listen to it occasionally but it’s not my go to tunes, I generally listen to rock, metal and some punk), but I’m finding I need the beat to be quite consistent and around 150+ bpm. So if anyone has playlist they’re using I would really appreciate it if you could share!

My favourites at the moment include -

Marilyn Manson - Seizure of Power

Mudvayne - Dig

Static X - Push It

Rob Zombie - What

I’m willing to try anything though and have quite broad tastes so any suggestions appreciated :)

Thank you!!

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Have a look down this list... lots of pages but has BPM column

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