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New and nervous


Hi all. I had a heart attack a couple of months ago and I'm going to start c25k on Tuesday. If I'm honest I'm terrified, not of causing any problems to my heart but more about motivation and pushing through that barrier.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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Hi mntg9, given your experience, I would say the fact that you wish to do the programme, screams "I'm motivated!" Just check in with your GP first and take it from there. Wishing you the best of luck!

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Thanks bear. I am going to speak to my cardiac nurse about it also. I've been told I would be doing about 15 minutes 5 times a week but I'm going to work up to that.

Well done you for taking the first step. My advice would be to take it slow and steady. Do not push yourself past what you can comfortably achieve (which is loads! Our bodies are amazing!) Trust the programme, take it slow, and you will get there.

All the best from North Wales xxxx

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Thanks Lil. My confidence in my body is low. Haven't exercised for about 10 years ago is great this programme exists to help.


Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Please do check with your GP and/or specialist regarding the suitability of this programme for you at this stage. If you are given the go ahead, we can offer advice and support to get you up, running and fit again.

Enjoy your journey.

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