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I run 2 mile when I was on week 9 sometimes id finish well before the the app finished other day I ran slow and done the same 2 mile in 30 mins .. so am thinking am a plodder some days and go slow thennothers run quicker so am I supposed to be running 5k now in 30 mins ? I've completed the 9 weeks but still don't no if I could run 5k so gonna have to challenge my self and set my phone to give it a bash .

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From reading other posts I believe 5k isn’t a guaranteed amount: the idea is to build up until you can run for half an hour, but other factors such as the territory you run in and your length of pace will affect the actual distance.

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90% of graduates on this forum do not run 5k in 30minutes at graduation.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

I am not sure from your post whether you have graduated or not.

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You’ve done great getting to 3x30 minutes... pace will improve in time, and you can start taking a run longer to build endurance. Very few runners go at the same pace every run, and they tend to develop slower... just keep your longer run slow.

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