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Wk 3 R 1


Well I puffed and panted my way through week one and two (twice over in fact - pausing to wait for my fifteen year old daughter to catch up to were I was in the program because she was going to join me....hmmm read: teenage whimsy). Anyway wk 3 r 1 quite frankly nearly died when the little man announced you will now run for three minutes - 😱. Then literally nearly died from cardiac arrest! Luckily my run was interrupted by a neighbour and then a friend wanting to chat - guilt free break 🤣. However my thought as I finished was ‘I’m actually doing this - go me!’. Not only am I envisioning me finishing the programme but planning what challenges I can do next - Mt Fuji here I come 🤣.

Have a great day everyone x

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I’m not joining you in that mountain! But then again, why not, it’s there!

Great job... and the belief is starting to grow which is great... don’t fear any run, but respect them all, slow and steady and you can get through them all.

Sharon50 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Lol - I do like a challenge😄This is my long slog back to me and bloody hell its a slog but I’m determined. Thanks for your kind words it helps.

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