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W5R3....still trying!


I attempted this twice can got in some good "practice", however I seemed to have a mental block about running for 20 mins straight. So I decided to try another tactic. I have been doing 2 x 10 min runs with firstly a 5 min walk in between runs, repeating on different days. Reducing the walk by a minute each time. Today was a 3 minute walk and I must say I can feel myself ready for the 2 and 1 min walks rather than dreading them. 20 mins solid running is on the horizon......I will complete C25K....I will complete C25K....I will complete C25K....I will complete C25K....

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When it’s impossible work until it isn’t. That’s what you’re doing right there for sure and yes, you’ve done today, so you are capable of running it all, but that mental block needs smashing... slightly off piste, but I like your method.

You’ll do it Schmeeley71. Those pesky gremlins won’t know what’s hit them 💪 Slow & steady wins this one 🐌🐢🐌


Good work and great determination, don't let the head thoughts hold you back .. you can do it, physically the program has built you up to do it ...

This run is a definite slow and steady, run it as slow as you need to complete it .. go on, you know you want to .. you have what it takes to do it 😊

That's a great strategy Schmeeley, making the programme work for you to get up to that 20 minute run!

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