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It's infectious!

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Came home from work tonight to find my partner flushed in the face in running gear and trainers. Thats really out of character for him. With a little quizzing he came clean, he started couch to 5k tonight!

All you wonderful people inspired me to complete this programme and in turn I have I inspired him.

Really proud of him, will do my best to keep him at it, will be great to have a running buddy 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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antonioa profile image

No excuse now NOT to carry one. Nothing like friendly "rivalry" to spur you both on.

Jundal profile image

Excellent stuff, well done the both of you! I look forward to seeing him on here moaning about you pushing him!

Slow_Rob profile image

That's brilliant Sandi... I am sure you will both have great time ..

One small step can lead to many things 😀

UnfitNoMore profile image

That’s great Sandi... kick his ass if he procrastinates on run day!

SANDI_runs profile image

Just need to get back at it myself. Been away on holiday and now not run for 12 days!!! Did a gym class yesterday and tonight. Will be back out there pounding the streets tomorrow evening.

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Well done to you Sandi, has he got a username or has he registered here of C25K so he can report his progress, rather than you reporting on how he is progressing?

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SANDI_runsGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Have told him about this forum and all the support you get from here. He's not joined yet, but am sure he will soon

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It’s happened in our house as well Sandi. Our youngest inspired me to get off my bottom and get fit again 6 months back, then my hubby Katnap started C25K a few weeks ago and our eldest son has also joined in. I’m still in shock. As infections go I think this is a pretty good virus to catch 🤣. Well done to you and your hubby 😃

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to TailChaser

You’re building quite a team there... some friends just got back from Equinox 24 and been telling me all about it... I guess I’m gonna have to go next year... and I see your post and I think “there’s 4 of an 8 already”.

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That's brilliant! My husband got new runners yesterday and says he will start running with me.... did 3k today and he barely broke sweat. Ran a lot faster than me too. He hasn't run for 20 years. So annoying!

That’s awesome! I love running with my boyfriend, really motivates me

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Awesome news! You can motivate and challenge each other!

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