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Jumpers knee

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Having completed my W2R3 in pain I hobbled Home thinking I may have a pinched cartilage. My dear husband ex footballer diabused me off that idea after examining the area of pain. He is confident I have the above since I have been doing the C25K in the last two wks having not run since I was at school! I have always walked very quickly and never find that a struggle so really disappointed this has happened. Anyone suffered the same injury?

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We are not medically qualified, but... we do see issues like this, many, many times... :)

The section on injury in the FAQ pinned post.. has this in it..

"When anyone, however fit, starts a new physical training regime that they are not used to, they will suffer aches and minor pains initially. This is unavoidable but should you be in real pain, then your body is telling you to stop…...so do just that.

For many years first aid for runners was known under the acronym R.I.C.E. standing for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This has now been superseded by other variations such as M.I.C.E., where the M stands for mobility, because rest was often interpreted as no movement, which can be harmful for some injuries. The NHS version now appears to be P.R.I.C.E., where the P stands for protection. nhs.uk/conditions/sports-in..."

In the early days of the runs, our bodies, protest! What the heck is going on, they say!

So...( although not wishing to doubt your husbands diagnosis) maybe get it checked out by Sports Physio if you really think it necessary, Jumpers Knee or Runners Knee... there is a difference:)

If you have the right shoes and socks, and have been fine so far... it could just ne normal aches and pains... and they do hurt...and feel confident with that, then we would advise.. some exercises...


Many folk on here have used these and still do.. they are very helpful. I use them a lot as do many of the seasoned Graduates:)

Essential, thorough warming up and stretching after each and every run too.. Try to relax into your running, take it slowly and steadily and try to land lightly... I call it, kissing the ground with your feet.

Don't despair... this will sort:)

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shelford in reply to Oldfloss

At the start of run yesterday I would have said a niggle so tried to run through it. Getting home was a real struggle which worsened as the day progressed. I do have good trainers and I do stretch before I go out with respect to my advanced years and a real desire to complete this course. I rested iced compressed and elevated after a miserable night of pain resorted to the ibuprofen seems easier today. Will get professional advice when I can get a appointment. Just frustrated I guess. Thanks for the tips

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to shelford

Seasoned runners is what we are..very seasoned in my case..it us frustrating..but erring on the side of caution can be useful..

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It. If might not be an injury. Could be just a niggle 🤷‍♀️ New runner and all that

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shelford in reply to misswobble

Appreciate your interest

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Not sure if it’s the same, sport physio is somebody you may want to see, but my knee went at similar stage and l couldn’t run for over two months and had difficulty walking. I’m a slim guy, fast walker, but running is different, the pressure on your joints is much harder. My problems were inadequate shoes (l thought they were fine, gait analysis proved they were terrible), no insoles (now l wear custom cut ones and my feet are different. Again, gait lab sorted that out), running hard and through discomfort which only made things worse. Check those things out if you haven’t already, rest up, take it easy, run slowly and you’ll be fine.

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shelford in reply to mrrun

Will get it checked have got proper shoes but perhaps they need updating thnx for advice

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