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W6R1 and my ankle has a twinge

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I’ve been doing couch to 5k very slowly (I started back in June I think) and I’ve decided I must finish it in September. Sunday I did W5R3 and surprised myself that it was all ok and I could do it! Yesterday I told myself I had to go out and do W6R1 which I did, and even enjoyed it! This morning I have a little twinge in my ankle - any ideas of what I should do would be gratefully received! Don’t want to miss my run (I mean, slow jog) tomorrow but don’t want to make things worse!

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See how you feel on the day itself. I often get twinges and things on the rest days but on the run day it's all gone. If you feel niggles on the run day, you could always take another rest day?

I had a niggly ankle from W2 all the way through the programme, but it didn’t hurt whilst running and I carried on. It was more like a tight feeling than pain, and there was never any heat. I would have stopped running if it had become painful. It’s fine now. 😀

I guess it depends on how severe yours is. I’d say if there’s any actual pain, heat, swelling etc, I’d definitely see your GP or sports physio. Otherwise I might try an extra few rest days, only run super slow, then evaluate how it feels. You don’t want to be running on a potential injury - can you think how it might have happened? It might just be a twinge which goes away by itself, or it could be something more serious.

Good luck! 😀

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