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Trouble with knees


Hi I have just completed my first week on couch to 5k. I have listened to advice and taken it slow, i have also struggled to run every other day as my knees are killing me. My calfs also feel heavy, it's my knees I worry about as I am still carrying excess weight. I have struggled on the runs I have done. Is there any advice on knees or any remedies I can use. I have been I the building trade for over 28 years as a plasterer so my knees have had a pounding over the years lol ...thanks you in advance for any advice

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I'm quite new just finished week 4. The best advice I've been given is to rest up on rest days to give your body healing time and drink plenty of water for hydration on your next run. Go slow. Well done on getting out there. The first week is the hardest. Go you x


You could also try some Knee exercises -

Do you have good shoes ? On week 1 I used old shapeless trainers and my knees became really painful. I didn't run every other day then, I waited for the pain to subside before trying again. What solved it for me was buying new shoes with good cushioning, and being mindful of landing midfoot rather than on my heels (I don't find it easy, but the upside is that I forget the ticking clock while I'm concentrating on my posture 😅). I'm not in pain any longer, be it during or after my run. I'm also doing the knee exercises shub69 suggested, just in case 😉

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