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How many times can I restart?

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I'm beginning to think I'm just restarting all the time. I don't suppose anyone but me is counting though & it's better to be getting out there eventually, even on a start/stop basis, than sitting on my sofa.

So I am setting my alarm for 5.30am tomorrow morning, getting into my kit and going out for a slow run. I have registered for a virtual 10k run in Sept :o so need to get my act together so I can actually complete it!

This time I won't be an intermittent runner :D :D

2 Replies
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Good for you Dhiny! I shall be watching for your post tomorrow. Onwards and upwards! 😀

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I agree it’s better to keep restarting than to stop... fair play, can’t argue with that, neither will your doctor. Well done for coming back for more.

You know though, you keep coming back because you really want this, and you can do it. Get out there in the morning and relax, show your self doubt what you got. Take it slow, you’re in control... then there’s 26 runs left to go until we all cheer you home and celebrate a huge achievement. Be your own hero and beat this.

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