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Knee pain


I have graduated largely without issue except some plantar fasciitis which usually effects me after running and not during. I had on occasion some knee tenderness. last week I did 35 mins, found it ok and was quite chuffed and largely no real issues. However the next day the knee tenderness was back.

It is in my right knee, on the inside. If you look directly at the knee it is at 4 oclock. Does not really effect me on a day to day basis, just gives me a little reminder to be cautious, it is not over painful and most of the time I do not feel any pain but more like tenderness when I press it. I take nothing for it and there is no visible swelling. I went to the gym today, did the x trainer and one of my usual weight sessions but did not run. Chose not to so as not to aggravate it. I do not live somewhere where gait analysis can be done however I run in good shoes and did a pronation check before purchasing.

I am a bit depressed as I felt i was doing really well and this is a set back and would appreciate any suggestions as to what it is and possible treatment. Do I continue to run through it, does it need complete rest, can I do shorter runs etc

Thanks in advance

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I had a knee issue which I rested a while. No improvement so I thought I’d try and run it off I did! I got stronger I suspect

Do you run on a treadmill all the time? If so, try running outdoors, where the subtle changes in gradient are easier on the legs.

If it persists then you’ll have to see a doc 🙂

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30 to 40 degrees outside so on treadmill at the moment.


I spoke to a marathon running doctor today about my "runners knee" his advice to me was - ice if it's acute, heat if it's chronic and take a running break for 2 weeks but walking is fine. Obviously though if it continues get it investigated. Hope it all settles down for you.

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Ok I will change to walking on treadmill and put son gradient on it.

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