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Signed up for great south 5k!


Well I managed the park run so though why not ? It’s another goal and I have till Oct to be fit and ready ;) Having lost a few friends and work colleges over the years to cancer I saw this as an opportunity to give something back.

I know I can run the 5k but want to improve my time. Is it a matter of simply running more and the fitness level will increase ?

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Well done on your first park run. I love the excitement of training for an event. 😀. I am a slow runner naturally but to increase my pace. I do some fast intervals. My preference is to do a couple of fast sprints at the end of my run but some like to go out and just do intervals. Also Stregnth work is good. Strong muscles to give you more power. Hills are good but take them easy as they really tax the muscles. Hehe unfortunately if you want to get faster your work is only beginning, but it is still a lovely journey.

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