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Park run


I ran my first park run this morning at Hesketh Park in Southport. Hadn’t realised how hilly it was even though I know the park like the back of my hand having been born and bred here. It was hard going, I didn’t enjoy the sliminess under foot. I didn’t enjoy laps, I didn’t particularly enjoy being elbowed out of the way at the start line but I did it without stopping once and in around 36/37 mins. Chuffed with that and kicked my heels up at the end in jubilation.

Now for a bacon and egg barm.

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Well done! I can't do Parkrun until October due to Saturday morning commitments but looking forward to having a bash and should be far fitter by then (fingers crossed!)

Well done! Other than the elbowing how was it running with lots of other people?

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I’m a fan of early morning running and saying ‘good morning’ with a smile on my face to people I pass but these people didn’t seem to want to engage in my frivolous salutations. Perhaps I need to take running more seriously :-/


Good time for you first park run Victoria, as for those at the start, perhaps if you wish to do another run anytime, stay clear of those people who elbowed you out at the start, they are all after PB's and don't care about newcomers.


Well done! Start at the side of or towards the back of the pack to avoid elbowing, a lot of Parkruns have hills, get used to them, they're beneficial, and in slippy conditions a pair of trail shoes maybe better..

33 mins !!!

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