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Lost momentum


Morning all. I was hoping to graduate this morning. I had lots of issues with my various apps and phone but after stopping to sort it out, all ok. But no.

I had to stop the whole run after 15 mins as I had no energy, my legs were so heavy and I just lost heart

My q is, does being under hydrated make a big difference? I normally run in the evenings so I'm thinking maybe I wasn't prepared enough.

Any advice would be very gratefully received. *sad face*

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Without a doubt if you’re under hydrated your run will be difficult. You need to start hydrating the day before ideally. I usually run in the morning, and I've developed a habit of drinking half a glass of water every half hour or so during the preceding afternoon.

Good luck with your next run and keep going!

Thank you. I will drink plenty during the day and see how I feel come the evening.


It's all here on this link, all good accurate information given by IannodaTruffe.. including hydration..


Thank you I have read and understood.

You’ll do it next time keep going - really close!

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Thank you. 😊

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