Gathering Momentum

Well since graduating in April, I always found it hard to run slow no matter how I tried. I've completed 15 park runs now since 14th Feb this year. Prior to this program I haven't been able to run 200 meters for longer than I can remember. I was always a fast sprinter as my name suggests, I could just about do the 400 meters as a young lad, but no way the 1500 meters. Thanks to following this program, I dropped out of the park runs for 3 weeks whilst I moved on with the program. I have now just posted my best park run time to date 25m 47 seconds average 1km every 5.03 minutes. I believe I will post a 24 minute time by the end of summer and all thanks to following this program. I have to say to those following this program, time is NOT important, stick with it and you will enjoy yourself. The park run I do, is extremely hilly and Im told you can take around 1 1/2 minutes off most other park runs, many describe it as a fell run not a park run. I can now manage 4 miles in 33m 52 seconds but have not tried to extend my mileage beyond 4 miles as yet, but will push on for a 10k at some point. Good luck to all those attempting the program, it does work.

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  • That's a time most of us dream about..a 10k is no problem for you!!!!

  • Thank you Juicy, Ive read many of your posts, you have done & do extremely well yourself, I've never been a distance man and right now, could not complete a 10k without walking at some point, so well done to you, I'm envious. Keep up the good work and posts. Thank you.

  • I think you could..there are lots of ways you can slow up...your 10k time is expected to be at least 10% less than x 2 of your 5k time.....

  • lol thank you Juicy, you're to kind. I don't think I could just yet, I know how I am at the end of 4 miles. If you would like a link to see some photo's of our park run, I'll send you one.

  • Speedy guy! Well done!

  • Thank you.

  • Brilliant achievement, you sound like the poster child for c25k and I love your enthusiasm. It's surprising how many people feel enthusiasm for running (myself included) from doing the programme and most say they never thought the could run before following it x

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