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Thanks for the boost


W6R3 completed.

The first 12.5 mins flew by and then I turned to head back and suddenly felt like I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Ran for another 5 mins and was starting to slow ( I seriously didn’t think I could go slower) when two guys over the road cheered us on. Made me laugh and gave me a little boost I needed to complete my run. Thanks guys 😃

We do the 5k inflatable run on Saturday so trying to decide whether to start W7 on Friday or wait till Monday as I will be running climbing and bouncing on Saturday so still doing a run of sorts.

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Well done on keeping going! You’re into the longer runs now, and it’s mainly mental rather than physical. Just aim for slow and steady and you’ll do fine! 😊🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️❤️

A 5k “inflatable” run sounds fun and very energetic! Enjoy yourself.😃 (If it were me, I think I’d wait until Monday to start W7. Saturday sounds energetic enough and involves running.)

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That’s what I was thinking about Saturday but then wondered if I was just wimping out. I haven’t run 5k yet so it will be further than I’ve run up to now and will take longer.

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Rest days are all an important part of the C25k plan, to help us avoid getting injured. So if you’re running on Saturday, it’s sensible not wimpish to avoid also running on Friday. You’re best not running 2 days in a row. An extra rest day will give you more energy for Saturday too! 😊❤️

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