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Still Confused after week 5


Week 5 completed : feeling good about it : even smiled during some of my final run: I don't know if anyone else has the same issue as me but I find the 1st 5 mins a killer, can't breath, my legs don't seem to belong to me, get a stitch & my head just says give up NOW but if I can get through these 1st 5mins there seems to be no limits as to what I can do and don't feel out of breath even after a 20 min run!?!?

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It's perfectly normal. Apparently. Someone posted something a while back with scary scientific details about what you body does during the first 10 minutes or so to cope with getting oxygen and blood to your legs. Have a Google for "Toxic 10".

Not feeling out of breath after 20 minutes running? Yikes! Can I have some of whatever you're on please? :-)


Yep, just feel uncoordinated for about 5 minutes or so, then I kinda get into it and then is I seem to fall not a rhythm. I have spoken to other runners and I think that it is normal.

Good for you feeling strong enough to keep going at the end of your run! Go girl !


Perfectly normal and you are blessed if it is only five minutes. For many this effect lasts much longer, hence the title Toxic ten.

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