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This Place....


It's quite amazing really, this place that is.

I'm the stereotypical 'lurker' on the forum as I avidly read but not often do I post, I find the constant posts of motivation, inspiring comments and the plain tips on running, a joy.

People really do care you know.....

I started my own journey on C25K in 2013 and couldn't believe the difference running made to me in both the physical and mental senses. I've just retired from quite a stressful job (responsibility for 200 people) and running gave me the mental release from the stresses the dayjob presented to me each day.

Now I have more time I intend to have a more structured running plan across the weeks ahead and who knows, the inspiration from this site may motivate me to aspire to a half-marathon plan should this ol' fella's bones allow it. I know one thing though, I know I can count on support from you all here.

I admit to cycling more now as well. I know, I am a sinner. But what has inspired me in running from this forum has helped me to achieve some goals on 2 wheels, RideLondon 100miler, London to Paris for Parkinson's Society to name a couple but whatever we do the constant that exists in us all is the desire to be appreciated and supported when times are challenging.

I see that every day on here, it's an amazing place.

All of you that post, lurk or administrate, please keep going, please keep the camaraderie that is so prevalent at whatever stages we are individually on our personal journeys, I know it made a difference to me, I'm sure it makes a difference to you too.

Like I say, people really do care you know.

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We know it is special here, which is why we hang around aimlessly, soaking up vicarious endorphins.

Keep running, keep smiling.

marpickGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks 'Truffe, I will certainly keep smiling 😊

The Pru 100 is brilliant I loved that day!!! If you liked London to Paris I did Paris Nice. Then was diagnosed with a blood disease and I dropped out part way on London to Paris 24 hour ride.

It’s taken me 3 years to get the courage to get back to exercising and you are so right this forum has been so inspiring.

Even thinking of daring to go out on the bike but that’s a huge psychological step. But W9R2 now in the bag!

marpickGraduate in reply to Sussexmalc

Malc, yes, it's a great day and I'll do it again one day no doubt, keep positive and look forward, you're making progress that's clear and no doubt you'll be back in the saddle to finish of the L2P!


Fabulous post & happy retirement. You are so right about this place too. I’ve just started my journey and could never have got through it without the inspirational people on this forum.

Every single person on here has been kind, motivating, funny & so very helpful. So thank you everyone! 😘

marpickGraduate in reply to SandieF

Indeed Sandie, a great place to keep everyone positive about their achievements, thank you for your kind words.


A lovely post- very well put and agree entirely with you. It is such a supportive, funny, informative site. I have never seen a negative comment from anyone- a few very dodgy pictures yes- but no bad words 😂

Glad to hear your fitness regime continues- no matter what form that takes. As a fellow 60 yr old- we want to be fit enough to stay around for a lot longer yet!!

marpickGraduate in reply to Mumsygill

Thanks Mumsy, agree about the dodgy pics, none from me apart from my very dodgy profile one, thank you for your kind words😊

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