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Cheap headphones are AWESOME!!

Hello running mates, and possibly audiophiles :D

I've always had an issue with headphones. The ones that came with my iPhone kept falling out, so I got myself a cheap pair of running headphones, with the little clips round the back to keep them in place. Those were great, unfortunately my 9 year old daughter also thought they were great, and appropriated them!

Next I had some cheap wireless running in-ear headphones, they worked well, but the cable between them flapping round my neck really really annoyed me. Also, the audio quality was awful. No bass, and quite distorted if you gave them any sort of volume. They sit in a drawer unused.

Next came a pair of in-ear running headphones from Tesco for about a tenner. They worked OK, but had very solid clips to hold the earpieces in place, which were uncomfortable, and annoying, plus they didn't actually hold them in my ears that well.

So my latest purchase, about a month ago, for the princely sum of £7.73 were AmazonBasics In-ear Sports Headphones with Universal Microphone (woop!). They come with quite a few different sized silicone earbud thingies too. The first outing I gave them was a bit underwhelming, the sound seemed rather quiet and they sounded very tinny. However, when I got home, on a whim, I swapped the silicone earbud things for the bigger size (included with the original purchase) and what a difference. They stay in better, and because of that, the bass is back. I'm really happy with these.

So if you're after some bargain basement in-ear running headphones, try these:

At that price, even if they last 3 months, I've not lost anything :)

Have fun, happy running!


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Sounds good. I bought some wireless in ear headphones by sound whiz from Amazon. More expensive than yours but have been pleased with them so far. 🤗


Sounds good! I think that for running too, when there may be cars rushing by, dogs barking, and the very loud sound of your own frantic panting, maybe you don’t need top-of-the-line hifi quality sound :)

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I took the plunge and bought Apple earbuds with my new phone when they had 1/3 off price - still expensive but have to say they are AMAZING. I’m convinced it’s a significant reason for maintaining this app as in the past all the others I tried failed miserably. I’ve got very small ears but they are so comfortable and must be weighted especially right as they never come out accidentally


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