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Sore leg stops running

Well after the high of the park run comes the low. I think that I have hurt my hamstring. Anyway my left legs hurts when I run on it. It improved a bit after resting it for a week and I am still going to Pilates (which helps with the stretching) and I tried going for a run on Saturday- not a park run just a normal gentle jog. I was able to run and it didn’t hurt until the last 5 mins or so and I thought that’s it - sorted. However the pain was worse about an hour later so I am back to walking.

Don’t get me wrong , I love walking but it’s not running.Really gutted...

I suspect that I strained something whilst running a little too fast at the park run. I am now worried that all my hard work at getting to the point where I can run for 30 mins is breaking down but will try another week of resting and stretching before I really panic!

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All I know is that running injuries take at least twice as long to heal as I expect them to. Keep listening to your body is my only advice.


At least! Trying to keep positive but it does make me cross. I was just getting into my stride so to speak...


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