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W2R1 made me feel better

W2R1 made me feel better

Yesterday I Had to take day off work - wasn’t feeling great when I woke up. Felt pretty rubbish all day but was determined to go out for my run.

Was a bit dubious at the start but once I got going I started to feel better.

Took a different route and on the last couple of runs it was uphill - that brought even more of a sweat on.

Need to apologies to those people that saw a red faced puffing sweaty bearded man coming towards them. Even my dogs kept their distance from me 😀

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well done for getting out there, loving your dogs and the woodland scenery. My dogs can't believe their luck getting extra runs with me but sometimes I go out 6am or just before and I have to drag them out of their beds lol


Thanks, the dogs are great but they can sometimes interfere with the programme ( especially when they decide to go in the wrong direction to see other dogs).


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