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I’ve done my couch to 5k this morning. Week 1 was tough and I was so close to giving up with the excuse that I’m not a natural runner. Then one of the parents(actually a grandparent) at school encouraged me to carry on, told me to slow my run down and told me it becomes easier(she’s a few weeks ahead of me). I’m so glad that I listened as I’m loving it now and the hardest week by far was the first one! I’m a sprinter, so once I got my head around slowing down and taking it slow I did a lot better. I can’t wait for my next run!

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Hey Chrissy!

I’m that very grandparent! 😉

So pleased you’re enjoying your runs more and that my advice has paid off!! Can’t really take the credit though, as all that good advice has been gained through reading all the posts on this forum!

Pleased I’d done my homework, though, as I’m in Week 6 and had read all the warnings that it was a tricky one!! But I’ve managed runs 1&2 (a bit warm and a bit tougher than usual) and am really looking forward to the longer run 3!

Good luck on your next runs!



Hi Cazza! 😂

I’ve loved my last few runs. I’ve done them on the streets rather than in the park too. I did the estate near school this morning. I dropped the kids off and ran the full circle and back home which I loved. I did 3 minutes of running 😱 too! My next run is Thursday and I’m doing the exact same.

I’m going to attempt the park run as I think I could do the 2k now.

See you soon

Chrissy x x


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