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C25K Take 2!


Hi all! I completed C25K last November having never been able to run and surprised myself that not only did I get through the programme - I actually enjoyed it! Due to work and having young children I’m really limited when I get the opportunity to run, and can only fit runs in early morning before work and before the rest of the family wake up and this works really well for me. It did mean however that come November the early mornings were just too dark and too Icey to run and therefore I didn’t carry on. Now the light mornings are back I’m back on track - I guess I didn’t have to start at the beginning of C25K again, but after a 6 month break I thought it best to start at the beginning of the programme as I know from personal experience that it works and I didn’t want to put myself off by pushing myself too much too quickly. I’ve just finished run 1 week 3 and so far so good.

Just to say - from personal experience it works, and you can become a runner in no time if you stick with it! Good luck everyone!!

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I have done exactly the same, after an illness at Christmas. However, I am realising now that I am making major mistakes. I am trying to beat all my times from my previous Couch runs, presuming that I must be fitter than last time. Big mistake - I have failed on a couple of runs by trying to go too fast - as Oldfloss and the other experts say - especially for new starters - it HAS to be Slow and Steady. Never has 'Pride comes before a Fall' been more appropriate for this old Know-It-All.

GemmaTakeTwoGraduate in reply to Duddles

Yes, I agree! - although I do feel a bit fitter in general, it’s still not easy!!!

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