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Must not put it off!!!!

Started my fitness/ healthy eating just before I came on holiday to Australia for a month!! So I’ve been putting off starting my couch to 5k. But I’ve downloaded it today and going to get started!! Well!! That’s what I’ve said to myself this morning. I’m very good at making excuses for myself but I am feeling determined!!

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Im just starting too. Got some painful feet issues but im determined to get started. Best of luck

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Hi Zoey-carol ....well, you’ve started’ve posted on here & we’re all waiting to hear how it goes!! Good luck 💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️



Go for it!!

Do read the guide to the plan it is full of tips.

Enjoy your journey.

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Hope you’ve done it by now - do come back and tell us how it went :)


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