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Heel discomfort

I’ve managed to complete week 6 and am ready to start on week 7. However, for the past few weeks I have had discomfort on the bottom of my right heel only first thing in the morning and if I’ve been sitting for a while. This is something I have had before and it has gone away if it’s own accord. I’ve never been to the Drs about it as I have not deemed it “bad enough”. I am worried that running on it will make it worse and that if I stop running to see if it heals I won’t get back into it.

Has any one had similar? Do I keep going and see if it goes away, try some compression socks to see if they help or... do I give in and take a weeks rest to see if it helps? I’m not in real pain, just discomfort with it and it goes totally during the day whilst I’m moving about.

Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received as I really don’t want to stop! Tia

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Sounds like plantar fasciitis - I have it too. I’ve found more exercise makes it better but it is rather painful! Look it up but I would recommend carrying on and ignoring it!


For my plantar fasciitis I roll my foot on a golf ball which gives relief. I did find when I was being good and doing yoga three times a week the pain almost went....then I started running, shelved the yoga and I'm virtually crippled in the morning.

The key is definitely stretching, google it and you will find lots of advice. Good luck x

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Try heel could be heavy landing that is causing the issue, ( Not saying you are heavy:)

The runs are getting longer...and that could have caused a problem. I have Sorbothane heel supports , I discovered at the beginning of C25K I did land quite heavily...and they are brilliant. I have just replaced the ones in my road shoes...

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Heel Pads, they are sold on Amazon:)

This may help :) Just make sure you order the correct size:)


My heel pain (heel spur pain) stopped once I got new running shoes! 🏃🏼‍♀️😬


Its not our place to diagnose, but I agree it is most likely plantar Fasciitis. There are a few exercises (like the golf ball one mentioned) that you can do to ease the pain. I find also icing the area helps too. This will give you some ideas:

I would refrain from going out and spending money. Heel supports can be good, but it is real trial and error to find ones that suit you. If it is not managagble with the exercises, bypass your GP and see a physio, they will get you fitted for any support you need.


If it is PF Heel dips on the stairs daily will help. Also don’t wear completely flat shoes. 12 mm heel to toe drop running shoes are advised for PF.


No pain no gain!!


Just wanted to thank everyone who commented last week. I’ve rested it a little more than usual due to the snow, I’ve been looking into PF and have found heel dips and stretches ease it. Also ordered some gel heel pads - they’re strange at first but I think they’re helping! Pain is definitely not as bad as it was!

Thanks everyone 😊


A little late to the party, but I just came back off holiday in Spain with a pair of crutches and a heel spur! I am in absolute agony. I cannot put my heel down on the floor at all. On the xray it looks like a hook on the bottom of my foot. If you aren't sure about it get it xrayed and you will know once and for all. I am now being forced to rest for the next 5 weeks, can't run/can't walk/can't drive. I am also having physio for it as the calcium build up is related to calf muscle issues as well! Good luck and hope it gets better soon!


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