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Hey, I'm new here

Hi - I'm new to the c25k site.

I joined because I would like to run "Round the Bays" in Auckland, in 4 weeks. I already run a bit but need some training to get up to the distance of the fun run - 8.4km.

I went for a 5km run yesterday and it was a bit slow but it included some hill work.

Can anyone suggest which week would be the best for me to start at considering I have 4 weeks left to be able to run over 8kms.

Thank you in advance.


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I think you will be fine. If you can already run 5Km I would run 5K twice a week and add an extra 1Km onto 1 Run. So 3 runs per week, 2 at 5Km and 1 at 6Km. Then next week do 2 x 5K runs and 1 x 7K run. The following week just add on 1Km. You will be fine. Best of luck and enjoy.


Thanks Damien. That is what I will do!!


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