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W4 R2 - Is it clicking or am I kidding myself?

Completed W4 R2 tonight. And whilst my leg muscles to still ache and tighten I no longer feel I am on the borderline of a cardiac arrest. That said I am always ready to stop the running when the time is up!

What I have also noticed though is that I am well recovered before the end of the recovery (walking time). So tonight for example I was recovered (as far as I could tell) about 20s into the walk after the 3 min run and about 45s into the walk after the 5 min run.

Is this a sign that my fitness is improving? If so should I now be pushing the run part a little harder, or even reduce the recovery time a little: or do I just enjoy the recovery walk that I have, even though it feels like I don't need it all?

What have others done when this has happened?

Many thanks


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The recovery run is important even if you don’t feel you need it!

It sounds like your fitness is improving! I wouldn’t try and push the run too hard, there’s plenty of time for that after graduation!

Good luck!


No, don’t push Anything at all!

You don’t need to! It’s must about finishing the session. That’s it!

Slow running builds legs!

Your running legs have to get built before you start taking things up a notch



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