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Slow and slower still!

Why did I ever think that running slowly meant running like Shaun but in slow motion!..no wonder I found it impossible!! Thanks to this forum, I now know better and, I think I'm finally getting the idea of the importance of slow runs and I'm now able to run for longer as a result..woohoo!

I found this article on slow jogging, which is quite interesting


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Ha, ha. I know what you mean, I always thought that running was sprinting. Only a couple of weeks ago in my W1 runs I had to remind myself to slow down but then speed up again without realising. Now I think my running is slower than my fast walking, but I get to the end.

W3R1 was dispointing because I thought I would cover more distance than previous weeks but was in fact a lot less. I focused on congratulating myself on the achievement of my 3 min run instead.

It's all down to every single person in this forum. I can't believe how supported one can feel byour people you don't even now!!


Remember that in the first few weeks, it’s hard to compare spend and distance from one week to the next as the ratio or running:walking changes. And I’d advise a gentle work of counsel to be aware of the danger of always aiming to run further or faster - these early weeks and months it’s so important to listen to your body and not push too hard. By all means track your runs, but I’d recommend only using the data to help you learn about yourself - sometimes a run which feels really difficult and slow turns out to be one in which you’re actually going faster, so (for me) that feeling eventually became recognised as ‘I need to slow down’ rather than ‘I should be going faster!’

But above all, enjoy it! 😊


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