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Shin Splints after Graduation

Bit of a b*gger.... I graduated on 22nd December and have been running regularly two or three times a week since.

I've had a nagging pain in both shins for a few weeks, nothing bad but constant niggles.

It turns out I've got micro tears in the muscle on my right leg, and stress fractures in my left shin bone!

So no more running for me for a month or so, got the turbo trainer set up in the back room and will be spinning out until at least mid March.

10K will have to wait......

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Ouch... it is going to be a slow and steady path back to reality :)

Hopefully.. you have seen a Dr, ( stress fractures), and a Sports Physio who has given you a, return to run, routine... my chap sorted my calf tear out wonderfully, but it was slow progress.:)

My regime was very, very strict.. so you need to be careful, using your Turbo trainer. It was 12 weeks before I was back on track and another 2 months before I was back to running 10K.

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What tests did they do to detect the muscle tears, out of interest?


It was diagnosed by my physio, who ironically I was seeing due to shoulder injury. (I believe in getting my moneys worth..)


Possibly the result of doing too much too soon.

Take care.


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