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Weekend run

Popped out for my weekend 30 min run this morning. Was lovely to run in the daylight. I can’t believe how I am actually enjoying running during the day now. My confidence has definitely grown. 🙋🏻

I had the added pleasure of seeing a little robin bobbing from branch to branch which made me smile but also have a little tear as it brought me memories of my Dad. 😇

Happy to be keeping to my 3 runs per week. Still not quite got the confidence for the Parkrun yet but hoping I will get there. Have a great weekend everyone 😊

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Oh it is lovely when you just find the joy in running! I often find myself with sentimental thoughts going through my head as I run. I had a bit of an epiphone yesterday evening when I was out. It was just a knowledge that I was happy and proud of myself. I had got a better rhytm than I had for weeks, and felt like I could go for miles. For a while, it didn't seem like such an effort, and I felt great! I had got into a lull over the festive period, and I'm building up again.

I had been hoping to do parkrun too, but just haven't had the opportunity, or the confidence to go it alone (my run buddy and I have had trouble getting together on a Saturday morning). Hopefully we'll get there sometime soon.

All the best for your running journey!

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Yes, I feel proud of myself too. I’m so pleased I’ve kept running and also enjoying it. Love to have some time to myself and feel the benefits.

Sounds like you had a great run. Hope you manage a Parkrun soon x

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