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Interesting Brooks article in Bloomberg

Well I read it with interest anyway..


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Really interesting, thanks for posting. I might have a look at the Levitate. i have Ghosts but find them a bit too cushiony. I also have Wave Riders, which are more responsive but a bit stiff in the mid sole. Hmmm...I wonder if the Levitate will be like a combination.


Thanks for this....... i have a couple pair Adrenalin...which I really love.

So i am not a runner then 🤔🤔😳


Really interesting article -- which appears to dispel a lot of myths 😊


I love my Brooks and this is very interesting to me too.

May have to look out for the Levitate - post Christmas shopping - ouch!


I wore my brooks Cascadia to bits can’t get them now though as they made them narrow and bulky for some reason 🤔🙄. It nearly broke my heart to bin them. Goodbye old friends 😢

I had some Glycerines for the road but they weren’t my faves

Interesting article! 😃👍 My niece has just bought some in the sale as high expectations


I'm not sure about the runner/not runner thing, but really interesting in terms of the lack of biomechanics behind all the pronation stuff. My gut feeling has always been 'your body knows how to run: let it' - maybe that's more accurate than I thought.

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