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Whoops too many rest days makes for idilitis

Since I’ve begun running I have kept to 1 or 2 rest days without fail, I ran New Years Eve and then oopsie I kind of found a gazillion excuses not run...

Too cold, windy, wet,dark, late,gremlins, etc etc etc . Today was meant to be 3rd park run, heavy frost and very tired so I didn’t go. Anyway I spent the morning giving myself a good talking to and went out at lunchtime for a 30min run and yes I felt better and yes I regretted my indolence and yes I can run for 30mins so lazy blip over I think.

I realised while I was out that one can get caught up in the distance/speed spiral. I have a much younger sister who has done 13 marathons and one can feel a bit inadequate just running for a measly 30 mins. But I am doing this for different reasons and I want it to be a habit not a chore.

Roll on more clement weather, I’m sure others on here have had slumps but hopefully everyone ‘got back on the horse’

Happy January running everyone

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Very well done indeed.. this weather is making i hard for quite a few of us.. and never let me hear you use that word. inadequate. again!!!

You are running, you are doing just fine, you are enjoying it and you... are YOU.. not your sister.

Okay telling off completed...:) x

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Why thank you oldfloss , kind words indeed.

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Tell me about it. My daughter graduated just before Christmas and did the full 5k, or maybe it was just under and her 9/2 run was 5k. Now she’s just done her first park run on her own and with a really good time. I know she’s 33 years younger than me, but I still cant help feeling a bit intimidated by her. And i totally get the idle bit too. If I let it slip more than two days, I start making excuses to stay by the fire.


I try to keep reminding myself that if I compare myself to others of my own age who have given in to the ‘I’m too old for all that ‘ mantra then I’m a superstar. I’m pretty sure your daughter is mighty proud of you, she has to do well it would be so uncool to be beaten by your mum 😲


We are all stars compard with the vast majority, including really young people who have let themselves become unfit.

Im really proud of my daughter. She was my inspiration to start running again. But Im also in awe of her 😊

Isnt it sad that people think they are too old to run? A friend of mine, when I said I was running three or four times a week, said was that really a good idea. Such misconceptions. Luckily I have a brilliant GP who said running will keep heart disease and other things at bay.


Ignorance is the way to the couch I say . I try very hard to only be with the young at heart who are still learning and moving . 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Well done, though imagine if Mo Farah was your brother - put you off running completely I guess lol.

We all just run for ourselves,

usually by our selves,

and at times we are our own worst enemies (the gremlins),

but WE RUN!!!!!!!!


😃 if Mo Farah were my brother I’d most probably be sitting on the couch watching him!

The one thing that attracted me to the programme was the ‘lone’ aspect so I don’t know why I bother about comparisons. I am my own worst critic so I should also be my own best praiser too. This forum is so helpful to see like minds at work.

In my imagination I see myself slowly but surely running off into the sun just out of shot the grinning, medal bearing, groups of people posing for selfies.

Oh sorry that was a bit bitter , I meant no offence to anyone it was a response to a particular Facebook storm of look at me photos

Petulant rant over please ignore...


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