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PGW6 - Part 2

So to the end of another week watching the weather to figure out the best times to go out.

As I work mostly from home I decided that lunchtimes were just a bit warmer than first thing in the morning and so switched to a midday run. Tuesday it was -5 outside in the morning and still -1 at lunchtime. Today was a positively blistering +4.

The joy of -ve temperatures is that you get to watch the dancing on ice show put on by the ducks on the local canal which I must confess to having enjoyed not only for the free admission but also the entertainment value. Watching one Koot "walk on water" and then suddenly do a slip/slide effect raised a good smile and a chuckle to send me on my way.

Today I switched routes back to the walking route that I was doing before C25K but i ran it this time. Having had so much rain last night and the night before I was convinced that the ice would have melted away - no such luck as I had to do a little dance of my own switching between the, in parts, iced over tarmac and the grassy verge of the trail. Add to that a bit of interspersed walking and it was neither my furthest nor my best run. But it counted!

Take care when you head out - no injuries please - just keep believing in yourselves and keep running (when safe to do so ... makes me sound like an advert for calling into a radio show!)

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