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Treadmill woes

Hey all just completed week 8...ran for the first time on a treadmill...weather has been awful here...but I found the treadmill run so very different to the road. Dare I say much easier? Plus I just could not get into a steady pace. I'm so close to graduating...but the weather forecast is awful for next few days...I may have to finish on the treadmill...anyy advice?

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The main thing is to find a nice steady pace, that might keep you occupied for a bit 😀 (and stave off boredom that can arise on long dreadmill runs). Keep hydrated if you machine is in a warm place. Have the incline set to 1-2% to mimic outdoors. Good luck for getting to graduation soon. Hope you can get outside again before to long.

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Cheers Annie. Advice on incline much appreciated.


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