5k ?

5k ?

21.59 after 6 sessions on treadmill for 5k.. Any good for 51yr old ?


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  • Just follow the programme.. 30 minutes in nine weeks... that is all it takes :)

    The forum follows C25K... 30 minutes in nine weeks.. injury free and having had fun :) Speed and distance do not really matter :)

  • I am sure it is good for you and you should be very proud of your achievement.

    Posting PBs is totally understood, but trying to make comparisons with others is pretty futile. Runners on this forum vary hugely in age, weight, physical ability and disability, many have underlying physical conditions, so we are not a very good base to compare yourself to.

    You could put the figure into this runnersworld.com/tools/age-... which will give you a figure which indicates how your pace relates to the world record for runners of your age group. Do bear in mind that the records are set in the outside world, not on treadmill, which is much easier to run on.

    It doesn't sound as if you need the C25k training plan, with your ability, but if you really have not run before and only done five sessions, then I would think you may, at the age of 51, be at risk of injury. The C25k plan does teach runners how to make gradual progressions in duration, allowing the body to recover with non running rest days and offering many tips on technique all of which help to avoid the very serious injuries that can be sustained by a new runner doing too much too soon. Six sessions to 5k in 22 minutes sounds like unhealthily rapid progression.

    Take care.

  • I’m guessing you already had a good level of fitness. C25k is aimed at getting people from doing no exercise to running for 30 minutes. So it’s about taking it steady over the course of 9 or more weeks. It sounds as if you don’t need the C25k programme at all.

  • hi .. ran school years however nothing for 36yrs..

  • I have a very high dis-belief in the metrics from any treadmill. 5km outside on a measured course (like parkrun) or with GPS tracking: yes. Treadmill: I don’t believe it. I don’t mean to diminish your achievement: 5km in 21 minutes is way faster than anyone on here.

    What is important is your own progression. On that same treadmill, is your time for “5km” improving? What is happening to your heart-rate in the runs? What is your recovery time?

    We try and be encouraging, provide motivational posts and share the ups and downs of beginning to run on the C25K journey. “Is my fast time Ok for my age after 6 runs?” is not really in the spirit of C25K, in my opinion.

  • I just went to have a look at your profile and posting history. This was your second “Look at me... is this any good??” post.

    At 51 years old, you should not need us to pat you on the head and say “Well done”.

    If you want to post on here, tell us about your history, the other sports and activities that you do. What kind of nutrition do you take for running so fast? Are you planning competitive racing? Why indoors on a treadmill? Do you run outdoors at all? Tell us about your shoes, and gear and funny running anecdotes.

    But I’m not interested in “Look how fast I can run” again.

  • You only used 49 calories as well!

  • 249.. hard to run n snap

  • Didnt we have this conversation last week? My response remains the same.

  • Amazing....Fantastic...Phenomenal

  • thank you miss wheels

  • I was being ironic- doesn't always come across in writing :)

    There are lots of people here who are just starting out, running with all sorts of challenges and anxieties. I worry that your posts would put people off, making them feel inadequate.

    As you were advised last week and above, at your age and as a novice, you really do need to have a graded plan to avoid injury. Maybe you are an extremely fit person in which case the C25k programme is probably not the place for you.

    Also I think that the tone of your post is sort of wrong. You come across as a bit braggy tbh. I think that's why people have reacted this way. You are really welcome to join our supportive and inclusive community, but as MarkyD says please tell us your story, your trials and tribulations, maybe encourage others and reach out in friendship. Don't just say 'look how wonderful I am', it is not endearing.

  • Test it in the real world

    25.49 is my PB after 5 months of running and I’ve ran a lot To get to that time

  • What a pointless post on a C25K forum! You know full well whether that is good or not, so stop begging for attention, its frankly quite embarrassing.

    I can drive 5km in a few minutes, shall i post a photo of that?

  • well Scott.. only started a few weeks ago after been blue lighted to hospital with very severe asthma attack with I've never had or experienced before .. so decided to do something about it ..

  • Fair Play - and I take my hat off to you for doing that! I’m not diminishing your achievements, but when you posted something similar last week, you got a similar response then.

    I just don’t think this is the place for that kind of post, and it comes across a bit smarmy.

    I’m sure there are other forums better suited to someone of you calibre. This is a great forum; and I imagine if you gave your story above in your original post, you would have been given the well deserved respect I give you, instead of the more ‘look at me’ style in your post above

    I wish you well on your journey, and hope to see you stick around 👍🏼

  • Superb, I'd say (for any age)!

  • Just looked at the other comments above me. I read the original post as meaning it took 6 attempts to speed AFTER having completed this whole programme. Maybe I misunderstood? Anyway, I'm following it to the letter, enjoying the steady, safe way of building up from nothing and not competing with anyone. If I ever get to be able to run for even 20 minutes at a time I'll be well chuffed, as that will be enough to allow me 'go for a run' which is something i never thought I'd do. Thanks everyone for helping create such a non-competitive, friendly and encouraging community 😊

  • You need to write a book this is amazing and awesome. It took me 18 months to get to 30 minutes on my park run but I am older at 54! Okay I began as very unfit and like a real couch potatoe. Maybe verify your achievement by running a park run and we can all celebrate with you.

  • hi Martin signed for parkrun so hopefully will try n do well .. 🏃🏃

  • Good morning from Africa how did yesterday's parkrun go?

  • didn't do 1.. waiting till 3 weeks as my shift pattern ... how's your training going ??

  • Back running like three days in a row feeling much better checking my heart rate per km which is declining. A good sign. Hope to do a fast 3 km time trial this week like under 15 minutes.

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