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My Couch to 5K Diary - Week 1 done!!! :)

Well this morning I completed week 1 and feel great and very proud of myself. I do the workout usually at 8.30 in the morning on a treadmill, before breakfast.

Run 1 - went well and felt great afterwards. Decided I needed proper sports bra ;) and some motivational posters rather than a blank wall to look at during the run so downloaded some later that day and printed them out.

Run 2 - body felt really tired before the run, wasn't sure if I could do it, but a few minutes in and I felt much better, when I finished the workout I felt great, full of energy, which wasn't how I felt before I started it! Put the posters up in the afternoon.

Run 3 - again, great workout. It's amazing how good I feel afterwards and it's only my first week.

I found listening to the podcasts so helpful, the runs seemed to be over really quickly and it's great hearing Laura, almost like there's someone doing the workout beside you.

I went swimming on one of the in-between days and am aiming to do that twice a week. I'm having so much fun on this programme and am sorry when it's the rest days!! In fact, I'm so keen on this running lark that I'm thinking of doing the Race for Life in July - unheard of before!

Ready for week 2 now!!!

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Well done Minuette. I know what you mean about being more energised after the run than you do before. It has such a great effect on body and mind.


Thanks it certainly does :)


what posters did you print out? I am thinking of starting on week 1 but I have a few stones to lose.


Just posters that are inspirational to me, they probably won't mean much to anyone else!


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