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Sore legs

Sore legs

So, regarding sore legs. How do you know if the aching when running is caused by stiffness from running 5km 2 days ago, a flare up of the injury I’ve just recovered from, it just something to get through? I did a little run at lunch. Was aiming for 5km but only managed 3. About 1.5km my right leg around my shin muscle, knee and ankle were all feeling uncomfortable. I changed my route and cut it short. Managed to get home. It feels absolutely fine now!

I have come off the strong anti inflammatories for now though so maybe it’s my body telling me to take them a little longer. The thing is, with the fibromyalgia it can be hard to tell if the pain is from that or a genuine injury. I mean, the IC stay was a clear injury as it was visibly swollen and not like anything else, but I suffer from pain and stiffness everyday so other things might not be obvious as an injury.

Anyway, another 3km and 20 mins under my belt. May not be a consolidation 30 mins but better than the couch 😊

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I think with the sore legs thing, it can just be a break and I think i read on here someone said about 10-14 Days either ill or on the IC can affect your condition.... so if you feel absolutely fine tomorrow maybe it's just 'back to running' aches.

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We all "listen to our bodies" but it takes a while to learn the particular language that it speaks.

Over the years of running you build up a vocabulary of aches and pains, as well as your own personal vulnerabilities. Which you feel you can cope with and which need special attention, whether it be rest or professional intervention. You learn to notice even small changes in your body, because they can potentially affect your running.

With the complications of a condition such as fibromyalgia on top of other symptoms, it would be almost impossible, even for a medical professional to give any kind of diagnosis at a distance.

Rest is always wise, even if it is only an extra day and any ache that persists is telling you a story, you just need to be able to understand it.


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