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Started well this morning - I think the wind was behind me. Fastest time yet for my first mile but then I was heading straight into the wind😒. My pace slowed but I could hear Jo's voice saying Don't stop, think about something else. By 2.5 miles I was just thinking about getting to the next parked car / lamp post / any marker to keep me going! It worked , I did my 5K and took 27 seconds off last week's time - didn't expect that bit half way round. Clearly my pace is improving, still not fast, but there's nothing left in the tank at the end of 5K. 2 months ago the tank wouldn't have got me through 5K so all good.

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Well done.. speed, and the distance really are not important.. just consolidate those 30 minute runs...carry on the process of building up running muscle, strength and stamina... then begin to think about how you want to move forward:)

Lucky you having the wind at your back.. only happened to me once in two years so far!


Blimey that's good pacing... at what stage are you at?


I graduated 2 weeks ago with a 5K run that took 40minutes 2seconds - slow and steady. Today's run was 37mins 34seconds but a 30 minute 5K is a lon way off!


Still good in my book....


As someone who has never been a runner I am delighted at running 3 x 5K runs a week. It can only get easier.

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