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Took Laura on a fun run on Sunday

I had registered for a fun run on Sunday 1 October - Clifford Craig Foundation Run & Walk for your Heart 2017. As I was due to do W6R3, I decided to take Laura with me and see how we went. It was a lovely 5km around Launceston's Inveresk precinct and Heritage Forest. We started off at the back with all the walkers for 5 minutes, then when Laura decided it was time to run - off we went and it felt good picking off walkers one by one. There was plenty to look at and lots of people, so didn't seem long at all when Laura advised we had done 12.5 minutes (woo hoo). Just seemed to get in the groove and toddle along until suddenly 25 minutes was done. I then walked to the end (with a couple of little jogs). I think I probably did about 4km with the 5 min warm up walk + 25 min run so I was pretty chuffed!

Running in a crowd like that certainly keeps your mind off how far you have to go or whether your legs are sore etc. Also the atmosphere at the end was pretty good - lots of free bottles of water/health bars etc.

Week 7 begins tonight after work...............

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Well done to you, that sounds as if it was a very well organised event. And what a great idea too!

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Great idea to take Laura along. She'll never let you down. Sounds like you enjoyed the race. More in your future?

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Yes, I will definately do more 5k fun runs - I think 5k is my sweet spot - I did a 10k in June but I got very bored with the long straight road it was on (actually it took me so long that's what got me looking into something to teach me to run properly and brought me to C25K really.


5k is fun. It's fast, it's doable with not too much training and there are awesome events everywhere. Do you live near a Parkrun?


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