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Seventh heaven

Seventh heaven

The sun is shining, warm but not too hot, light breeze and dry so what do I do?.....I complete W7 in the gym 😲 I love the outdoors but I had a mini mental dilemma. I thought I must be near a huge supply of water as I have been really struggling to get over yet another stinking cold and chesty cough and I just cannot seem to rehydrate enough. Saturday's run 2 was torture. My throat was dry as a fire back even though I drank along the way (although the bottle of Shiraz fri night was probably a contributing factor). Anyway. Job done. Pretty chuffed but will take a couple of days rest I think. W8 Friday! Still here. Still going. Never stopping.

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Your pics are always priceless that pink is officially Berry Smoothie.... couple of days rest will not hurt at this stage. Brilliantly done as ever...

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Cheers my dear


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