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One run closer to goal

I was looking forward to my first run of week 3. But that 3 minute duration really got me.

It was warm, my music wasn't working and my belly fat felt really heavy! Hanging over the waistband of my leggings, it didn't make me feel comfortable stripping off my baggy jumper to reveal my running vest, as it kept riding up over my tummy.

I was thinking how it would feel to run 10kg lighter. And all sorts of bigger picture things leaped into my head. I had to tell myself, just stop with the 'if only' mentality and think about just getting through the next minute. Run gently and be gentle on yourself.

I finished feeling not great. But is was a finish. Another run done and one more run closer to my goal.

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You should feel really proud of yourself.. you were out there and doing it! :)

Some runs are great, some not so.... but you did it. Make sure your leggings are really comfortable... and get something light and breathable for your top bit.. some great bargains around...:)

I don't know your size, but you can get larger comfy running tops, which unlike, just oversized tops are geared to help your running and not flap around:) (You need to feel comfy on your runs:)

Take it really slowly and steadily... relax and know how well you are doing too... maybe if you feel you are carrying too much spare luggage:) you might take a peek on the Weight Loss Forum... loads of this forum family are on there too, and find they really compliment each other:)

Very, very well done... and just make sure you keep posting please:)


Thanks Oldfloss i did take a look at weight loss forum and will give it a go as soon as I get my routine a little better. At the moment I'm running at all sorts of times (whenever I can squeeze it into the day) rather than a more structured approach. When I feel I have this running lark down pat I'll extend onto the weight loss forum too. Have also recently given up alcohol and I'm finding that one a surprising challenge. Running seems to be the link to all things healthy... thanks for taking the time to give such positive encouragement and tips. It makes a difference to so many.

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You did it.......... well done!

You have pinpointed an important aspect of mental attitude.......... don't get sidetracked by unimportant niggles, just concentrate on the job in hand, with positivity.............."If only" , as you realise is not helpful.......,...the reality of the moment is all that counts.

Keep running, keep smiling.


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