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Week 5 has started!

After a shocking night's sleep I am so pleased I forced myself out of the house this morning and completed week 5 run 1. I think I'm one of the few who is looking forward to run 3 as I really want to test myself and see if I can keep going for 20 minutes. I was quite disappointed that there were only five minute blocks today! The first run was really rough but by the second I felt fine, it was dry and little wind so compared to my last few runs the weather was perfect.

Bring on run 2 on Sunday.

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That's the spirit. I too couldn't wait for the longer runs.

At some point everyone on this programme is going to have to face running for 30 minutes - best face it head on. Well done you!


Very well done..just keep it, as ever slow and steady and remember that you are ready for each new run.

Have faith in the programme and confidence in yourself!

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Go you!

I too looked forward with great anticipation to the challenge.........what is the worst that can happen?

Enjoy your run, but do make sure you do the standing in front of the mirror exercise at least three times a day before W5R3. Just contort your face into the widest grin possible, for ten seconds, relax for ten, then repeat five times. This avoids the pain from grinning non stop for a week after the run.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Ah I didn't get that podcast! Will start that exercise today ☺️

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