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Calf aches

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Morning. Could I ask some advise of the experts please! I graduated in July and have been completing 5k fairly consistently (Still trying to get there in 30 mins!) However during the last couple of weeks I have been getting aches in my calves as I am running to the point his morning I had to pull up. The first 3.5k was fine but then just felt like I couldn't continue. I have tried the roller cylinder but don't seem to have the upper body strength to push myself along with it. Any suggestions?

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Running fast five kms is hard! You will have to shake things up distance wise so you are not doing fast runs all the time. Your running legs get built by longer, slower runs

If you've tweaked your calf then you will have to rest it. Rest, ice, elevate and maybe a painkiller or two. If it's a micro tear it could be several weeks but hopefully not and you'll be back out sooner. Rest it though!

If the tissue is inflamed, and I suspect it could be if you're in pain, don't foam roll

We're not doctors on here so if you're worried go to your gp 🙂

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